Profitable OSRS Items For Easy Money

Old School RuneScape offers you vast world that you can explore and engage in different activities and tasks. One of the most interesting aspect of the game for me is the ability to trade OSRS items like what we do in the real world with commodities and stocks.

Buying and selling OSRS items is a good way to earn more OSRS gold in a short period of time without much effort. Basically, you look for items that are in good demand and can be flipped for a decent price later on.

The main market in the game is of course, the Grand Exchange, where items are bought and sold regularly. Having a lot of buying power also helps in making more OSRS gold.

One type of OSRS items that I’d like to flip are PKing items. These are your Armadyl Godsword, Berseker Helm, and Granite Maul. They’re fairly cheap to acquire and can be flipped very quickly since plenty of players engage in PKing. You can expect to make between 50,000 to 100,000 OSRS gold per trade.

The one thing to note about trading items in the Grand Exchange is their is a cap for the amount of items you can bought depending on the buy limit set for the item that you’re planning to buy.

For example, most PKing weapons have a buy limit of 70 and this resets every 4 hours. This means you can buy 70 Granite Maul and flip it any time you want, but you cannot buy more unless you reach 4 hours of waiting.

You can also focus on popular potions when you’re trying to flip OSRS items for a quick profit. Super Restore and Prayer potions are some of the most in-demand OSRS items since they’re very helpful when questing.

If you are not that fond of questing but need to reach a certain level or unlock a high-tier item, you might want to use the OSRS questing service that Probemas is providing to their customers.

For people who don’t have much buying power to start with, you can try trading Black and Red Chinchompa. The profit margin for this item is quite low, ranging from 5 to 20 OSRS GP per chinchompa sold, but since you can buy them in bulk, you can earn up to 70,000 OSRS gold for the Red Chinchompas and 110,000 OSRS gold for Black Chinchompas.

What about you?

Have you tried trading OSRS items before? Mind sharing what your most profitable trades were.




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Mark Ross

Mark Ross

Gamer. Writer. Surfer.

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